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Out Dates

Inmate out dates or release dates are calculated using information from court documents. If an inmate or the inmate’s family has questions about a particular sentencing, they should direct their questions to the inmate’s attorney or the court hearing the case.

If an inmate is sentenced to the Department of Corrections, their ultimate release dates are figured by the Indiana Department of Corrections. To find a release date for an inmate who is sentenced to the Indiana Department of Corrections, wait for them to be transferred and check the state website at

If an inmate is sentenced to the Vanderburgh County Jail, you can find out their release date by calling 812-421-6200. On the date of release, the inmate will be released at 5:30 AM from the main entrance of the Vanderburgh County Jail. Inmates will have an opportunity to make a phone call prior to release.

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