Fresh Favorites

ARAMARK Correctional Services, in conjunction with the Vanderburgh County Jail, has implemented a program call FreshFavorites. FreshFavorites™ is a behavior incentive program that allows the friends and family members of those incarcerated, to purchase a restaurant quality meal on behalf of their incarcerated loved one. In the facilities that participate in this program, it is very common for behavior related problems to reduce substantially – because as an Officer within a living unit, you will have the ability to restrict individual inmates from receiving these meals. Like commissary, inmates look forward to receiving these meals on a weekly basis and will typically avoid disorderly behavior to ensure they maintain program eligibility.

FreshFavorites Benefits

  • Behavioral control FreshFavorites gives correctional officers a tool to manage offender behavior. Facilities benefit with fewer disruptions and security-related issues
  • Improved offender morale Officers are quick to recognize that this program can be an important factor in maintaining inmates' morale
  • Improved correctional officer morale Improved offender morale positively affects your officers and staff
  • Another revenue stream for the facility FreshFavorites often encourages more inmate commissary participation, boosting your facility’s commissions
  • Way for families to stay connected Available online so family and friends can go online and order meals for their loved ones

FreshFavorites Information

How to Place an Order with FreshFavorites

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account/login
  3. Select Facility: Vanderburgh FreshFavorites
  4. Select “FreshFavorites”
  5. View the products available for that facility
  6. Make selection and purchase.

Order delivery:

Inmates housed in A Pod will receive their FreshFavorites™ meals on Saturdays between the hours of 10am – 11am. Please note: Friends and family must have the FreshFavorites™ meals ordered from the site by 11 am CST on Fridays.

Inmates housed in B Pod will receive their meals on Sundays between the hours of 10am – 11am. Please note: Friends and family must have the FreshFavorites™ meals ordered from the site by 11 am CST on Sundays.

All orders will come with a receipt in which the inmate must sign. All receipts must be provided to ARAMARK upon completion of delivery.

Meal options

The current iCare menu has a selection of 5 meal options which are subject to change based upon feedback from the population. The menu will be posted in each living unit.

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Inmates in B1, Isolation, Medical or Booking are not eligible to receive iCare Fresh Favorites. If an inmate is on a discipline restriction, the basket will be held for delivery until the discipline restriction is removed.


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